Custom Railroad bridge

Flintheim Railroad – Train Design

All Aboard!
You are are about to take a ride on the Flintheim Rail Road!
This is your conductor speaking.   As we glide along the tracks, take a look at all of the detail that went into this beautiful masterpiece.

The only items not fabricated by Tarbet Landscape,  are the Train and the tracks.  Everything  you see, the Beautiful Tunnels, the Train Station, the flowers and every light fixture on this was hand crafted and designed by John Tarbet of Tarbet Landscape.Flintheim Railroad 009

John is a master builder and an superior craftsman. Tarbet Landscape clients have come to rely on his quality and detail.  Take a look at the photos below, and know that this was truly designed and built by John Tarbet for the Flintheim Railroad.

Docking Station for the Mighty Flintheim.
Docking Station for the Mighty Flintheim.

The train is leaving the station.. All Aboard!

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